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Venus in Chains

Venus in Chains


Made of the Moon and Stars

Made of the Moon and Stars

Somewhere only we know

Here… the world means nothing, time does not exist.

Somewhere only we know

Messy Christmas 2011

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

Merry xmas 2011 from me and my family

You decide the next inductee into the ‘Electric Church’

Electric Church

Electric Church is a series of images featuring my favourite musicians. Fan art?, Fan boy?… fuck yeah why not I say.

There are so many old black and white photos of performers, I wanted to add a little colour and life back into them. These are the results I guess. I’ll keep adding them as I complete them. So keep checking back πŸ™‚

Ozzy Osbourne Up From The Skies - Hendrix Jimmy Page Jim Morrison

I’m only featuring these on my Facebook art page, so go there to check them out.

Cthulhu Whisper

A new slippery, slimey, flamey addition to the gallery.

Cthulhu Whisper

My silent sister in times of darkness

Few people have captured my mind artistically in quite the same way as my good friend Silvia Alessandrini. I’m sure most of you have seen her beautiful and wonderfully expressive face peering out of several images that I’ve assembled. Her photography and emotion seems to fit perfectly with my odd little of mind.

I have never collaborated with anyone as much as I have with Silvie. If you glance over the work below you will notice how this young Italian has graced some of my most publicised images. She has been my silent sidekick in numerous publications worldwide, a wonderful character, a warm and fiery hearted friend and great photographer. So I’d like to take this opportunity to both introduce the world to her and to say thank you personally to Silvie for being a big emotive part of my art, it means a lot.

So do check out her work, here are a couple of links:

Facebook | Deviant Art 1 | Deviant Art 2

All art below can be viewed full size at my Deviant Art or Facebook profiles.

I see your lies Lament Frantic Disturbia Amplification of Rage Genesis One Kiss Before Dying Lost in the winter of your love Broken and Deceived To Keep a Secret XVIII The Moon II The High Priestess Angel of Anxiety Crossing Over The Tooth Scary

Heart of Fire

Featuring the quite lovely Kasey Stanley photographed by Anwewave.

Heart of Fire

Ricky! The Movie Released on DVD

Rick The Movie - out now on DVD“Ricky! the movie” DVD just, released via MGM/PACKSCREEN, includes bonus features, extra scenes, exclusive stills & original RICKY T music videos.

Available at JB HiFi, Sanity Music, Leading Edge Music Stores, AMROC, ABC retail, ARIA, A.I.R., The Music Network, iTunes, Bigpond Music and other digital stores, M.I.A., Nightlife video.

For more information:

I created the cover art etc for the DVD package and some random scattered props for the film, so if you want a good Aussie giggle grab your copy today.

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