Dan Verkys 2011Residing in Melbourne, Australia, Dans work can be found in numerous publications and CD packages both nationally and internationally.  This site contains links to extensive online galleries of work using the mediums of mixed media and digital compositing bringing his own perspective to the horror / fantasy genre.  He has also provided his style of imagery to the fields of film, book covers, comics, CD packages, advertising and web design.


According to Dan his ideas stem from a combination of insanity, fear and a distorted over active imagination.  By day he works in a corporate graphics environment and by night he works on his own dark visions and on design work for a variety of entertainers, authors, and artists.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve had an odd fascination with dark imagery, in recent years my art has not been overly focused on gore or the gratuitous,  dark art can be so much more than that.  With my art, I attempt to combine the sinister with the beautiful, I’m forever trying to find balance, that point where the two meet in harmony.  I’ve been influenced by the work of surreal artists such as Salvador Dali and Zdzislaw Beksinski, and I’m heavily influenced by the work of H.R Giger among others, which, for better or worse is quite evident in my work.

The digital art realm appeals to me, I love the limitless possibilities, the medium provides me what I need to create art that is at times thought-provoking and disturbing.  There’s a fine line between reality and fantasy, and an even finer line between sane and insane, these are the common threads to my work, fine lines indeed, which I like to tip toe back and forward across in an attempt to dispel personal fears and pose possible answers to unimaginable questions.  The digital world is where I create my own reality and art that I hope people of a similar mindset can connect with.”


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