My silent sister in times of darkness

Few people have captured my mind artistically in quite the same way as my good friend Silvia Alessandrini. I’m sure most of you have seen her beautiful and wonderfully expressive face peering out of several images that I’ve assembled. Her photography and emotion seems to fit perfectly with my odd little of mind.

I have never collaborated with anyone as much as I have with Silvie. If you glance over the work below you will notice how this young Italian has graced some of my most publicised images. She has been my silent sidekick in numerous publications worldwide, a wonderful character, a warm and fiery hearted friend and great photographer. So I’d like to take this opportunity to both introduce the world to her and to say thank you personally to Silvie for being a big emotive part of my art, it means a lot.

So do check out her work, here are a couple of links:

Facebook | Deviant Art 1 | Deviant Art 2

All art below can be viewed full size at my Deviant Art or Facebook profiles.

I see your lies Lament Frantic Disturbia Amplification of Rage Genesis One Kiss Before Dying Lost in the winter of your love Broken and Deceived To Keep a Secret XVIII The Moon II The High Priestess Angel of Anxiety Crossing Over The Tooth Scary


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