For those of you that are interested… the on again off again battle with motivation continues. Not sure what the problem is, perhaps too many outside distractions upsettng me.
So I’ve been in a state of non creativity. I’m hoping that a slower pace and quieter mindset online will help. Nothing very stimulating for the old brain is going on lately so I’ve been in a huff and a bit over it all. As a result I’ve not been taking on any new major obligations until I get myself under some sort of control.

I still have a couple of uncompleted digital works on the go and several of my latest image is listed here (right).

I’ve recently completed another new cover for Guns ‘n Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot‘ Thal. He’s currently touring with GNR through South America and until he announces it I’m remaining tight lipped, but keep an ear out for that one. I’ve also completed some work for ‘Ricky the Movie’, and some advert work with Vigier Guitars.




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